We Run on Time

Our schedule is carefully designed to truly work so that patients can be seen on time and get back to their lives quickly. Our patients and their families really appreciate this aspect of our practice since orthodontic treatment takes place over many months, and visits are typically every 4-6 weeks.

Patient-Centered Care and Treatment Timing

Dr. Britton and Dr. Farnsworth are committed to treating each patient individually and at the optimal time. This allows us to reduce the overall amount of time in treatment as much as possible. We strive to wait until all of the permanent teeth have erupted if possible, but sometimes interceptive or early treatment is indicated in certain individuals.

We’re Geeks When It Comes to Innovation

Our digital intraoral scanner means no more goopy stuff (impression material) and our digital x-rays mean less radiation exposure for our patients. Plus, our 3D printer produces more accurate models of teeth (vs. traditional plaster casts) which translates into better retainer quality and fit. Sterilization and infection control equipment and procedures are continually tested, reviewed and upgraded to ensure the highest standards of safety.

Two Convenient Locations

We have two state-of-the-art offices in free-standing buildings with plenty of parking. Patients have the option of being seen in either office for convenience and we staff both offices four days a week.

Patient Incentives

Our Patient Rewards Hub offers incentives at each appointment for arriving on time, having no broken brackets, having good dental hygiene and wearing the official practice T-shirt to appointments. These points can be redeemed for rewards such as restaurant and retail gift cards.

Brushing with the Wires Out

At routine adjustment appointments, we remove the orthodontic wire and provide our patients the opportunity to brush their teeth because it’s so much easier to clean around the teeth without the wire in the way. This is truly unique, and our patients LOVE it!

Open Treatment Area

We invite and encourage parents to join their children in the treatment area. This allows parents to easily stay informed regarding the progress of treatment and get to know Drs. Britton and Farnsworth.

Online Access & Appointment Reminders

You may access your appointment, account information and make payments online. We provide our patients with a reminder e-mail or text 2-3 days before each appointment. We try to make crazy lives simpler with these courtesy reminders.